Wargames set in the Americas from the 11th to 19th centuries

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Last figures for the Matamoros Regiment started.

I'm still suffering a bit of post-Salute shell shock but I did sit down and do a little bit more on the Matamoros regiment today.  I recently ordered the final figures I needed to complete the unit from Boot Hill Miniatures for one more unit of fusileros and a unit each of granaderos and cazadores. Boot Hill don't make granaderos but all you really need to do is cut off their cuff flaps and paint on the three yellow stripes Mexican granaderos had on their sleeves.  They do make cazadores armed with baker rifles, however, and these include shako cords so will look splendid when painted.

There were eight companies in a Mexican regiment of the time: one of granaderos, one of cazadores and six of fusileros.  I am using four figure companies which gives 32 figures.  The Matamoros regiment consisted of about 280 men so we have a ratio of about 1:10.  Using this ratio we have about 18 figures for the defenders which is probably not going to work in gaming terms.  The Alamo is like Thermopylae as regards getting something approaching a balanced game.  Impossible!  We will see. 

I've got 14 figures about 2/3 completed and the new 12 just started.  I'll see how I go over Easter but it would be nice if I could get them done over the next ten days or so.

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