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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Toluca battalion under way

I first undercoated these figures about two years ago but have dug them out to give them a bit more attention.  They will represent the Toluca activo battalion at the Alamo who were one of Santa Anna's top units. losing 30% of their number at the Alamo and the rest at San Jacinto.  I have used the Boot Hill Miniatures running figures to make them a bit less regimented when compared with the permanentes.

The battalion's flag was captures at San Jacinto and survives to this day although 'activo' was misspelled during restoration

This unit had around 320 men during the Alamo campaign; which means 32 figures at my initial 1:10 ratio.  I need another ten figures and as part of these I will order some skirmishing figures to represent the cazadores.  It is unlikely that the cazadores in an activo battalion would have all had Baker Rifles (I have two in the unit so far), so these will be fine.

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