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Monday, 22 May 2017

Battle of Centerville 4: First company of Confederate Infantry complete

It was nice and bright today, so having got up very early to finish my Mexican briefing for a minister, I took an hour at lunchtime to finish my first company of Confederate infantry for the battle of Centerville.  The Order of Battle requires three regiments of three companies of nine, so this is a ninth of the Confederate infantry force.  These are going to represent a Georgia regiment.

Now, it is much more complex to identufy a suitable uniform for an ACW confederate force than for, say, a Napolenic unit because not only were regiments formed from different companies often dressed in very different uniforms but those uniforms changed over the course of the war as clothing became more oe less available.  It seems, however, that Georgia was pretty good at ensuring its troops had uniforms so I have painted mine in a reasonably regular way. I have included a number of typically Georgian elements on some of the figures, like the square gate belt buckle and black collars.

Centerville is a fictitious battle but I am imagining it to be in the mid-war period when Georgia issued its troops with shell jackets (they had worn frock coats earlier).

It is quite depressing to see how poor my painting has become but I hope that they will look OK as a bigger group!

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